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Let’s talk about some vital features of Magento API:


Options to create, delete and update customer information along with the list fetching functionality of customers


To fetch the list of stock account and to upload the stock via list.

Order items, comments

You can fetch the order items for a specified order and the address. Youcan also get the billing order along with shipment details.

Order for Sales

List of sales order along with specific order information

Custom API Development and Integration Services Company

ColorWhistle’s API development services includes simple API integration services to complex multiple end-points custom API development too.

WordPress REST API allows immense possibility to scale WordPress websites to communicate with many cloud applications. Our WordPress development team is capable of building new custom API solutions that work with various in-house applications.

API Development and Integration Services

If you own a high fidelity dynamic website and looking for ways to expand your online presence on multiple platforms, you need an API. Our API integration and development team are not only knowledgeable about the technologies behind API, but also masters the end-to-end process (managing, monitoring, and monetizing).

As a highly acclaimed API development company, we have supported clients by strategizing, managing and running high-performance API programs to meet their business goals. Some of the benefits of outsourcing include:

Business Synchronization

Our Magento API Integration Service ensures that your online business is in syncronization with different features like accounting, inventory, shipping, taxes etc. Ecomsolver are well equipped to work on any complex need and deliver robust solution to the client.

Minimize Redundancy

Magento integration minimizes redundancy data entry errors and effectively manages products and helps you make better business decisions. Our services have optimized existing business processes and supported clients to keep a track on sales activities.

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