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Online Advertising

The term online advertising simply relates to advertising online, or advertising over the Internet. It is kind of promotion that uses the Internet and World Wide Web for the expressed purpose of delivering messages to attract customers. Online Advertising has an advantage of immediate publishing of information and content that is not limited by geography or time. Online advertising allows for the customization of advertisements, including content and posted websites. Most common ways in which online advertising is purchased are CPM (Cost Per Mille), CPV (Cost Per Visitor), CPV (Cost Per View), CPC (Cost Per Click, CPA (Cost Per Action) or (Cost Per Acquisition), CPL (Cost Per Lead) , CPE (Cost Per Engagement), CPE (Cost Per Engagement) & Cost per conversion.

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PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are online text ads that appear in search results (e.g. in Google, Bing, or Yahoo). They are probably the most common form of online advertising as everyone online is searching for products, services or information using one of these search engines.

Display Advertising

ith display advertising, you can promote your business online in a more visual way. It consists of ads that can be shown on millions of websites, blogs, and apps in the form of banners, text, videos, and other ad formats. Google has the largest network of websites (more than 2 million) where your ads can appear providing you with the chance of reaching about 90% of the online users worldwide.

Social Media Advertising

Social media ad platforms such as Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and others provide a way of reaching your target customers on the social networks where they hang out the most. Social ads provide targeting options based on the demographics and interests of your customers. This way, you can find your target audience easily instead of waiting for them to find you. .

Display Ads

Promote your business on social networks. We can help you reach the right customers for your products and services at the time they are most likely to engage with your ads.

The Best Online Advertising Channels to Grow Your Small Business

Online advertising provides targeted strategies that will increase audience reach, drive growth and conversions for brands. If you want to gain traction in the digital marketplace, the best online advertising channels need to be part of your marketing plan.

There is no one set answer to which sites offer the best online advertising opportunities. The best platform for your brand will depend on your products, the audience you wish to attract and other factors.

The Best Online Advertising Channels to Grow Your Small Business in Gctlinfosys
Facebook Advertising Services

Facebook Advertising Services

Being the most popular social media platform in Bangladesh, Facebook is almost always the focal point of any brand’s social media strategy.

GCTL infosys as a Facebook advertising agency has designed and executed several Facebook advertising and marketing campaigns, and we can ensure that your advertisements and promotions reach the right audience.

We create ads that direct traffic to your website and help you realise your revenue goals. We make sure that you can get the maximum benefit from your ad-spend.

Facebook is so ubiquitous that the company says one out of every five minutes spent on mobile is either there or on their sister site, Instagram. There are about two billion people who log into Facebook every month. While the network is promoted as a way to keep up with family and friends, a large number of Facebook users follow and interact with brands on the site.

Online Advertising Services.Get Your Business In Front of Your Ideal Customer!

GCTL infosys, we offer a wide range of online advertising services to our clients, ranging from paid search engine placements, social media advertising, and display network advertising. We will work closely with you to determine a strategy that fits your needs and budget. With access to over 95% of the Internets websites, TGCTL infosys can offer you incomparable targeting and reach that many other agencies cannot. Being a Google certified partner, we are also given access to alpha and beta tests in new advertising opportunities.

Feel free to educate yourself and browse our services below. Not sure what you’re looking for? Get in touch with one of our representatives today and we’ll provide you with a free 30-minute consultation!

Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

Pay per click, Paid Media or PPC advertising can refer to a variety of different digital advertising channels, but is most notably tied to Google Ads paid search campaigns.

Display Advertising

Display Advertisements are the visual ads that you see throughout websites as you navigate through the Internet. These ads are great for brand exposure and will be displayed on sites targeted to your idea demographic


Retargeting, or Remarketing, is a strategy of advertising that involves serving ads to someone after they have visited your site. This strategy helps build brand legitimacy, and also greatly contributes to assisting in sales that we’re not quite ready to convert the first time they land on your site.

Social Media Advertising

Social sites like Facebook and Twitter offer highly targeted advertising opportunities based on the complex profiles that users create over years of interaction and history with their brands and peers. We can use this information to serve users valuable, accurate ads based on their needs and interests, within the social network itself.

Google Ads

Google Ads

To achieve the best online advertising experience on Google Ads, you will need some technical expertise. Many advertisers find this venue’s offerings counter intuitive;however, once you understand the many features, this can be the best online advertising option for brands in many niches. Google Ads serves ads in search results on thousands of web pages. Some Google Ads advantages included targeting your ads based on geography, demographics and other criteria

Instagram Advertising Service

It is a well known fact that Instagram is the favoured platform for brands that target young and more mobile audience.GCTL infosys can help you leverage the power of Instagram’s videos and pictures to connect with a wider and younger audience.

We can also help you connect to the right influencers to carve out your special niche in the market, and design campaigns that are cost-efficient and effective.

You can build your brand story online and stay fresh and relevant, and also track your campaign’s effectiveness with the help of our team.

Instagram, owned by Facebook, gives you access to a massive audience. The app boasts 500 million users who open Instagram every day. While this is a far smaller user base than Facebook, it is also one with a high concentration of people from a desirable demographic. The audience on this app trends toward the highly coveted GCTL infosys.

Instagram Advertising Service
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