Meeting Rooms Scheduling Software

Company meeting rooms should be productive spaces where teams can share, collaborate and present work and ideas with flair and ease. But often we arrive for meetings to find rooms occupied or under-equipped

Ricoh’s Meeting Room Services can help you transform the way you use your meeting spaces. We offer a complete solution designed to turn these valuable office areas into efficiently managed environments that actively boost your productivity.

To help improve room usage efficiency, we provide monitoring software that lets you assess how the spaces are being used, and digital signage so that everybody knows when rooms are occupied or available. We can also install ID card technology to manage access to rooms. For organisational efficiency, we offer software that lets you easily book meeting rooms from your calendar system, distribute invitations, and book conference lines, parking and lunch for visitors.

Meeting Room Scheduling Software

Meeting Room Booking and Displaying Software

Book&Meet is a web based booking software application that makes it easy to manage meeting rooms and resources (video projector, board, microphone, video conference solution, flipchart etc.) and display meetings, appointments and conferences on displays, on the rooms doors, after booking a room anywhere in the company. And it is as easy as it sounds!

Create Rooms and Assign Facilities

After the complete Book&Meet implementantion within your company and training of your employees, your IT Responsible introduces users into the application, assigns roles and adds meeting rooms and their facilities, all these through a very user friendly administration module interface!

Schedule Meetings in an Intuitive Calendar

Once you have an user account and sign in, you can schedule a meeting in a room of your choice from anywhere inside or outside your office, through any browser. Use the app user interface to check for availability of a room, schedule new appointments and modify your old ones. Right from your PC screen! .

Display Meetings on the Room’s Door

Once you schedule a meeting, Book&Meet automatically updates the meeting room displays and informs the secretary regarding the protocol needs, with the meeting details. “Now”, “next”and “today” meeting intervals on the displays, with real timing and details of the meeting in progress make your work easier!

Meeting Room Scheduling Software

Real Time Saver

With YArooms’ Quick Book feature, you can schedule a meeting in the room of your choice right from your home screen. YArooms offers at a glance availability for a day, week or month. This way, you will always know if the room you need is available at the time and date you want.

Easy to Use Meeting Room Booking

EasyMeeting simplifies meeting and room scheduling while providing the functionality you need for your unique organization. Cut the administrative burden with customizable and direct access of scheduling for your manager and staff anytime and from anywhere. Helps you Track and Manage your Meetings room at your fingertips.

  • Shows room availability at a glance and let users make bookings quickly and easily.
  • Lets you easily see rooms at multiple locations, ideal for booking video conferences, and allows making complex multi-endpoint bookings in a few simple steps.
  • Room booking supports both managed bookings, where users submit a request, and self-serve booking, where users can make their own booking.

Assign User Roles & Responsibilities

Granular access by user types or groups YArooms allows for granular access of your users to the meeting rooms by organizing users into types and soon groups. Meeting rooms can have owners, restricted users will require approval from the room owners for each meeting.