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Meeting Rooms Scheduling Software


Company meeting rooms should be productive spaces where teams can share, collaborate and present work and ideas with flair and ease. But often we arrive for meetings to find rooms occupied or under-equipped

Ricoh’s Meeting Room Services can help you transform the way you use your meeting spaces. We offer a complete solution designed to turn these valuable office areas into efficiently managed environments that actively boost your productivity.

To help improve room usage efficiency, we provide monitoring software that lets you assess how the spaces are being used, and digital signage so that everybody knows when rooms are occupied or available. We can also install ID card technology to manage access to rooms. For organisational efficiency, we offer software that lets you easily book meeting rooms from your calendar system, distribute invitations, and book conference lines, parking and lunch for visitors.

Smart and simple meeting room booking system

Booking and managing meeting rooms shouldn’t be a hassle – it should just work. Whether you need room displays, overview screens, a mobile scheduling app – or a combination of them, we got the solutions to make your workplace as smart and efficient as possible.


Room scheduling made easy

  • Probably the most user-friendly room displays on the market
  • Instantly tell if a room is available or occupied
  • No more “stolen” rooms, disrupted meetings or empty rooms due to no-shows
  • Workplace statistics for a smarter use of your office spaces

Unbeatable office overview

  • Overview of the entire office and available rooms
  • Book a room right away on the touchscreen
  • Ideal for your reception or lobby to guide visitors to their meetings
  • Available with intuitive floor plan maps where you, besides room availability, can see various points of interest

Mobile scheduling on the go

  • Schedule meetings and meeting rooms on your phone from wherever you are
  • Forget about searching the office for available rooms – get a complete overview of free meeting rooms in the palm of your hand
  • Much faster than scheduling from your email client
  • Available for iOS and Android

Remove the friction and complexity of meeting room scheduling

Meeting Room Booking Software helps to maximize meeting room space, reduce administration time and introduce smarter booking processes into the workplace. Our cloud-based solution enables you to schedule and manage meeting rooms, visitors, hospitality, services and video conferencing in one globally scalable system.


Effortlessly manage reservations and services

The most complex of reservations become simple to manage and monitor for both your vendors and front-of-house team, even across different time zones and locations

Book in your Outlook calendar

Book rooms, services, visitors and video conferencing in just a few clicks. Everything you need for your meeting, available right in your existing Outlook calendar.


Manage meetings on the move

Find meeting rooms on the go, manage bookings and extend your meeting, via our intuitive mobile app.


Delight your visitors

With visitor management built into our platform, reception always knows who’s coming, delivering a smooth experience for your visitors and saving effort for you.


Smooth communications

Integrate with your Skype for Business room systems – automatically add Skype meetings to your room booking or integrate with other video conferencing systems to deliver a seamless and simple video meeting experience.


Get workspace insight

Get a clear understanding of space usage and resource requirements with detailed reporting, enabling you to make better decisions about your space and manage costs more effectively.

Plan your meeting with Pronestor’s Meeting Room Booking System


A smooth, easy to use and digital meeting room booking software is key when you want efficient work processes and avoid non-productive time.

Pronestor’s room booking system is easy to set up as well as easy to use and its many advantages will impress you and your employees. For example, would you like to avoid double bookings?

And would you like to see detailed information about the meeting or conference room as you’re making the booking? When you have a larger number of rooms it becomes much more challenging to remember each rooms’ capacity and equipment and this is where Pronestor really makes a difference.

We often recommend including our conference room signs for a complete setup as this visibly changes your meeting room culture and instantly create value.

One booking platform for companies in shared office premises


When you’re working side by side with organizations in co-working spaces, you may be unaware of the fact that you share many of the same hurdles involving meeting planning.

So, what if we told you that Pronestor transforms these hurdles into a common solution that ensures that everything is automated.

Meeting planning shouldn’t take up all your working hours.

Let Pronestor do the heavy-lifting with our meeting room booking system so you can concentrate on doing what you do best!

Meeting room bookings across locations and time zones – one booking flow


Imagine you want to schedule a video or teleconference for the ‘home’ offices for London, New York and Madrid. Working with Outlook, Pronestor Planner’s meeting room booking system understands the time differences and allows you to see them so you can plan effectively.

All the meeting times are shown to the invitees in their local time. What’s more, you’ll have a complete overview of which rooms are available and when so you’ll find appropriate time slots fast.

Condeco’s integrated suite of meeting room booking solutions enables effortless booking of meeting spaces.

Freeing up your people to do more productive things than trying to find a meeting room.

Book meetings from any device – Pronestor & Exchange are best friends


Install – Connect to MS Exchange – Go! Installing Pronestor Planner and performing a proof of concept is simple. Keep your room resources on the MS Exchange server and install Pronestor Planner on a web server. Connect the two – the rest is migrated automatically. You don’t have to make any changes to how you work already. Book meeting rooms in Outlook as usual – from any device

ScheduleOnce is a powerful meeting room scheduling software that makes it easy for your team members to book rooms online.

When your team members conduct meetings in multiple conference rooms at your office, you want to make sure rooms are never double booked, and everyone has a location for their own meeting. With online scheduling, your team members can easily book rooms for all of their client meetings.

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