Link Building Service Offerings

Earning links is a huge part of what we do at Vertical Measures and is part of our Integrated Approach to Digital Marketing. We focus on getting your brand in front of the eyes of relevant visitors on high-quality websites. Our years of experience and emphasis on a natural and honest approach ensures lasting results.

Link building requires in-depth research, outside-the-box brainstorming, and thoughtful customization. By taking the focus away from counting links and focusing on authority and quality, we find more success with the research-oriented approach to link building.

Our Services Include:

Link Building Strategies

Every link development campaign starts with a strategy. First, we look to at the current state of your domain, including rankings and your backlink profile. Then, we analyze existing linkable assets to see what is currently earning links for your website. After that, we look at your closest competitors to see what sites they’re earning links from and what types of content are working well. Finally, we make recommendations based on what types of content that would perform best for your website.

If you decide to partner with an agency that does not begin with a link building strategy, it could signify that they’re creating a greater Google penalty risk by building unnatural links to your site.

Targeted Link Acquisition

Once we’ve developed your customized link development strategy, we start finding relevant domains to acquire links for your site. We identify these opportunities through a variety of tactics such as advanced search commands, competitor backlinks and existing relationships.

When these opportunities are identified, we’ll move forward with manual outreach tactics such as leveraging assets to resource/links pages, broken link building, unlinked mentions and guest contribution opportunities.

As we acquire links on your site, we send a report monthly with information regarding progress of your campaign. The reporting dashboard offers insights on our tactics and strategy moving forward and is meant to offer you transparency and peace of mind.

How Long Does it take to See Results from Link Building?

Results always depend on the industry you’re in; the strength of your current website; your competition; the keywords you are

targeting and ultimately; the time that you invest. An average campaign will take roughly 90 days before a lift in organic traffic is observed.

How It Works

We Review Your Goals

We learn what’s important to your business and what your campaign goals are. We then look at where you are currently vs where you want to be.

We Build a Custom Strategy

Our team will put together a custom outreach strategy, playing on the strengths of your business and helping you to reach your goals.

You Get Epic Links

We put your link building service plan into action and start securing the links your business needs to increase visibility, authority, and most importantly, to take you from where you are to where you want to be..

Editorial, In-Content Links

Real, relevant, contextual, high-quality and high-value links placed within the body of the content. No author bio links!

You Approve Everything

You approve publishers, and you approve content before it gets published. Never be disappointed in a link again!

High Quality Publications

Quality is our focus. No blog networks, link wheels, or other schemes. We only work with real, quality publications.